Who We Are?

Worldwide Manganese Corporation is specializing in processing and selling of Manganese Ore and Manganese dioxide particularly Pyrolusite, which is a natural mineral form of Manganese dioxide, for the international market. We are dealing with a material of very good quality and pureness obtained by washing, drying and screening of mineral selected for the specific catalytic activity.

We are supplying Manganese dioxide to companies specializing in the following fields throughout the Europe, United States of America, Canada, CIS and others:

1. Water treatment: filter media for catalytic iron and manganese removal
2. Manufacturing of brick and ceramics (natural pigment)
3. Manufacturing of polysulfide sealants
4. Manufacturing of glass and fiber glass
5. Manufacturing of welding flux
6. Manufacturing of batteries

We also offer manganese ore of 0-1 mm and 1-10 mm as well as manganese briquettes for use in metallurgic and ferroalloys industries.

Taking into account a huge range of applicable fields of use, we mostly work with our customers individually that allows us to meet specific requirement of each customer.

Every product we offer comes with our 100 per cent guarantee.

We appreciate your interest in our company and will be happy to maintain long term business relations.